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Captivating Lighthouse

If you ever have a chance to visit Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, please check out the lighthouse museum if it is open. You will learn about the interesting history of this lighthouse, the trickiness of navigating the harbor and heroic stories of the Life Saving Station. The story of a late November storm in 1926 stands out the most to us after visiting the museum. The station got word that the ship Thomas Maytham had gotten stuck on rocks about 40 miles away leaving the ship and its 22 crew members stranded. Luckily the Life Saving crew was able to reach the boat and take those 22 crew members to shore. However, that wasn't the end of the story, on the way back they spotted another ship that had run aground. This ship was identified as the City Of Bangor, which had a crew of 29 men and over 200 brand new 1926 Chryslers aboard. If you visit the museum you can learn the captivating details story of this rescue and much more about the areas history.

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