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Dancing In The Sky

It always pays to check the northern lights forecast when you are out and about in northern locations. I checked the apps and to my surprise it said it was a predicted KP7 and they were observing a KP7. The higher the KP the better. My husband and I jumped up from our campfire and looked to the north. We didn't see much and thought it was a glitch, so we went back to the campfire. Less than an hour later the skies exploded! You could see the northern lights above your head, to the east and west AND to the south. It was simply amazing. The sky danced with greens and we were just in awe. I couldn't believe how well you could see the lights with the full moon. This is one of the many shots I took that night or rather very early morning. I can't pick a favorite so bear with me as I will share more. This shot is looking to the south-southwest.

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