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Mighty Blue

As many of you know I like to photograph the Mackinac Bridge and after I heard about the blue ice at the bridge I was curious. Was it really that blue? Was it as big as everyone was saying it was. How big of a deal was it really? Well the curiosity got to me and I had to check it out. I will have to say YES the ice is that blue and WOW it is something you must see in person. While looking at massive ice chunks that in some places were 24 inches thick you can't help but think how much force it would have taken to move this much ice. While I answered a lot of my questions while there. Yes, it's that blue, yes it is massive, and yes it’s a big deal (as it doesn’t happen too often). I actually left with more questions. How long did it take to pile up, was it overnight or over a few days? What did it sound like? It had to have been so loud. How long will it stay? Will the ice come up any further?

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